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At ProActive InfoSys, your contributions will have an impact, because we’re small enough; yet we’re also large enough to have an impact on the companies we serve.

ProActive InfoSys offers its associates a unique mix of a stimulating work environment, continuous growth avenues, opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies and a competitive benefits package.

The ProActive culture
ProActive is an intense, open, creative, ethical, people-driven and socially conscious company. It fosters a creative work ethos that is unique in many ways. The people are passionate about what they do and are uncompromising on ethics and values. The work environment is designed to allow people to work at their highest productivity levels. The company believes in a highly charged schedule driven environment with built in fun activities.

Focus on emerging technologies
ProActive consultants are able to continually add to their skill sets. Relationships with companies who are at the forefront of technology provide employees with exposure to world class development practices and emerging technologies.

Employee Training
At ProActive we strive to keep our employees technical skill set up to date. We identify latest technological trends and provide comprehensive traninging to our employees to help them remain competent in their chosen technology.

Compensation & benifits
The compensation packages at ProActive are tailored to be competitive and to encourage long-term retention and includes both fixed and variable components. The variable components of the compensation are normally based on either individual or team performance. Performance reviews are undertaken periodically and salary increases are determined based on individual performances and a professional analysis of market trends.




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