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e-Business and application integration (eAI) is the single-most important priority to CIOs today.

A successfully integrated system allows :

  • ::  Information to work smarter
  • ::  Increasing the speed of business reaction time
  • ::  Facilitating seamless, straight-through transaction processing

The more deeply companies get into e-business, the greater their need for efficient integration.

Today we find that companies need to tie together their disparate systems more than ever, though these systems were never meant to talk to each other when they were created.

Enterprise Applicatioon Integration (eAI) truly delivers value, giving businesses visibility across both their supply and demand chains, and making them agile, able to react quickly to changing business needs.

Integration isnít easy by any means. Companies have a superfluity of systems on a variety of platforms using a variety of technologies and architectures, with numerous databases, different transaction management systems, and different data entry points.

At ProActiveInfoSys :
             ::   we Strategically plan out your eAI infrastructure and
             ::  Tactically implement our solutions
with market leading eAI product line IBM WebSphere MQ, IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator, WebSphere Business Integration, WebMethods, Tibco, and See Beyond etc.




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