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At ProActive InfoSys , we have no option to ignore the opportunities and challenges posed by e-business.

There are a number of key drivers and benefits to e-business:

  • ::  Creating new, online routes to market
  • ::  Reducing costs in marketing and sales
  • ::  Catching up with the competition
  • ::  Working collaboratively with customers and suppliers through
          business process integration

Business of all sizes in all sectors are using the Internet in many different ways - to work with partners and suppliers, for procurement, for internal activities such as knowledge sharing and new product development, and much more.

Internet technology offers many commercially powerful business benefits and ProActive InfoSys has the skills and experience that will allow you to harness that power and open up new opportunities for your business.

We help our clients to build web sites with the kind of functionality that modern e-commerce requires such as :

  • ::  Content management
  • ::  Marketing databases
  • ::  e-procurement
  • ::  e-catalogues
  • ::  Information portals
and many other innovative features.




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