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EDI is used in some form by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world to exchange business information with business partners.

Most businesses, regardless of size, find that EDI can generate tremendous benefits, such as :

  • ::  Fast, accurate and dependable business transactions
  • ::  Shorter order-to-payment cycles
  • ::  Increased customer satisfaction
  • ::  Higher levels of productivity
  • ::  More cost-effective growth

Most small and medium-sized businesses want to become EDI ready because an increasing number of retailers, distributors and manufacturers mandate that all their trading partners communicate electronically.

We understand your business data, and how it should be mapped and transformed to industry standard and proprietary data formats.

We have hands-on EDI implementation experience in Transportation, Utility, Supply Chain, Health Care, Retail and Insurance Industries to name a few.

We provide :

  • ::  EDI Mapping Solutions
  • ::  EDI Specifications Development
  • ::  EDI Administration
  • ::  EDI Business Data Analysis
  • ::  EDI Documentation

  • in all popular industry standards for EDI including the
        ANSI X.12 EDI standard (North America)
        UN/EDIFACT standard (Europe and Asia)
    and the increasingly popular
        AS2 standard for Internet EDI.

We also provide health care regulatory EDI standards implementations like HIPAA.




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