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Enterprise Resource Planning' software solutions providing a common, consistent system to capture data organization wide, with minimum redundancy.
ERP integrates the information across functions, and provides a set of tools for planning and monitoring the various functions and processes and ensuring progress towards a common purpose.

Enterprise Resource Planning implies the use of packaged software rather than proprietary software written by or for one customer.

ERP schemes allow companies to better understand their business. With Enterprise Resource Planning software, companies can standardize business processes and more easy ordain best practices. By creating more efficient processes, companies can concentrate their efforts on supporting their customers and enhancing bottom line profit.

We can deliver the technical expertise needed to :

  • ::  Configure and customize ERP systems for your business
  • ::  Standardize business processes
  • ::  Integrate new packaged applications with your legacy
  •       and custom software systems
  • ::  Solutions architecture definition, product selection,
  •       implementation and integration.

in General Services/E-Procurement, Management/Budget, Materials Management, Inventory Control, Vendor Relationship Management , Marketing, Sales and Distribution, Production Control ,Finance, Accounting functional domains.




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