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ProActive InfoSys is pioneers in developing and promoting the Extended Software Development Facility (ESDF),a proven methodology for providing offshore software development and support services to corporations. ESDF is a unique outsourcing proposition designed to provide flexibility, control and continuity similar to that of an in-house operation, supplemented by the cost advantage, schedule advantage and process efficiency offered by an offshore software house.

In the ESDF model, we provide a dedicated team with the required skills and experience, to work solely for the client. The key differentiating factor from OSDS is that the group of resource personnel is blocked for the client and hence retains its business domain knowledge, which is available for subsequent projects. The quality processes and standards are also aligned with the client's IT division. The ESDF operation can be converted into an exclusive Offshore Development Centre (ODC) anytime, by providing more control to the client over the business direction of the offshore operations.

The clients can also enhance their quality processes through the consulting services offered along with the ODC services. ProActive InfoSys will manage the staff, infrastructure, development environment, quality and service delivery.

Our methodology maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of our resources and those of our clients, to produce the most robust, scalable solution in the shortest possible time.




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